Powerful stories of self-discovery, survival, and human curiosity unfold through some odd, sinister, eerie, or simply baffling encounters. From dystopian and otherworldly societies to simply random everyday events, ASFF23’s first programme is full of controversies. 
What are the boundaries of reality?

All Of A Sudden I Began To Melt

All Of A Sudden I Began To Melt is a short art-comedy film exploring luxury wellness, anxiety and the class politics of wotsits. The entirety of the film takes place over a massage treatment that is flipped on its head by an unwanted visitor floating in a flower arrangement.

Ruth Waters


Samira will finally buy her car, but you have to decide on the model. Night falls, shadows roam.

Frederic Bayer Azem

Clearance Sale

A man wants the last pair from a sale. There is a catch to getting it.

Sarower Reza Jimi

Original Skin

In an alternate world where having sex means swapping bodies with the other person, a young woman struggles to be herself, defying her small conservative community where swapping is taboo. A deeply intimate portrait of identity in transition.

Mdhamiri á Nkemi


A family surviving in a totalitarian dystopia is faced with the dilemma of reporting a family of immigrants who suddenly their seek help or preserve human dignity by endangering their own safety.

Evi Gjoni

The Door

Curiosity brews as two women are charged with pressing a button that leads to a mysterious nowhere. People enter but never leave. What is behind this door? For one, the unknown doesnt plague them in the slightest. For the other, the answer must be known, despite all risks. Would you dare to cross The Door?

Pierre H. Ollier