Through these 8 comedy, drama and romantic films we are going back to first loves, missing lost ones, exploring unknown sexual experiences and relearning to like ourselves.

With films to make you laugh, cry, and think of your own experiences, this programme puts emotions in the epicentre and presents stories of love, lust, sex and romance that will make your soul melt.

Between fingers

During her bathroom break, Roni scrolls through a dating app, when suddenly her finger enters a digital finger dimension. In this “finger world” she experiences a journey in search of the one.

Daniel Sweed

Christmas Threesome

Two friends discuss the parameters of a threesome in an effort to save money on a christmas gift.

Devon Ferguson

Heart Fruit

Late summer heats up the city where people search for their own form of love.

Kim Allamand

It Doesnt Have To Be Today

Four friends sitting at a square in Cologne Finkenberg, looking for the right words and punctuation marks in a WhatsApp message to a girl that will never be sent.

Sophia Julia Groening

Ma Fatsh Leah

One voice, one piano is all that minimalist French outfit Madeleine & Salomon need to create their hypnotic version of MA FATSH LEAH, the single from their second album, Eastern Spring, which covers a choice selection from the repertoire of ‘60s/’70s Mediterranean folk-pop. Clotilde’s melancholic voice tells of a young woman tortured by the interminable wait for her lover in the emancipated Cairo of the 1970s, while the bewitching piano of Alexandre Saada conjures the buzz of a restless city that feeds the sweet madness of her hope, and ours with it. As soon as we have reached the end of this interior journey, we have but one desire: to start all over again.

Marion Auvin

Morning Joy

A recently widowed pianist has an unexpected encounter.

John Henry Hinkel

Summer Breeze

A recently divorced middle-aged man receives a smartphone from his daughter and reconnects with the first love of his life who asks him to meet

Alexandros Rellos


Nunzia, a thirty-year-old with fertility problems, returns to her childhood home in Sicily, in the ancient district of Zabut. Here, with the complicity of her mother and her new cabinetmaker assistant, Nunzia rediscovers desire, as in an archaic pagan ritual.

Giuseppe Schillaci