A forest, a desert, and the remote slopes of Turkey’s Black Sea region compose the scenery of the human stories, habits and cultures that unravel in this programme.

In the existential crises, bittersweet echoes of lost loves and turbulent family relationships that unfold through these shorts, the landscape plays the main role taking you on a journey to distant places that sometimes feel closer than you think.

Forget Me Not

When Kakia finds herself trapped in her own birthday’s surprise party, she decides to take a walk in a path she hadn’t visited for ages, accompanied by a person that knows her better than anyone.

Selini Papageorgiou

Harvesting Our Tea

For centuries, women have picked tea on the steep slopes of Turkeys Black Sea region. It is grueling work, and much of what they earn has traditionally been handed to their husbands. But now a new generation are turning their backs on tea picking, and the industrys survival is uncertain. Harvesting Our Tea follows the young women who hope change is coming and the older ones who fear for their way of life.

Sheida Kiran

Killing Ourselves

Maya takes her parents and sister to the desert in order to film them for an additional scene in her film. But the day of filming turns into a never-ending family argument, and it becomes unclear whether they will even manage to cooperate and become a team.

Maya Yadlin

Sun & Shadow

There was light and it was brutal. Shadows could not heal. The Boy had fallen into sleep. The Girl was recalling and sand was everywhere.

Melina Loukanidou

To The Dust

Living in the expanse of the Wild West, a disabled woman is forced to fight not only the elements but also her own grief when confronted with an unexpected loss.

Sophia Youssef