Screening Programme 2018

Screening Programme 2018




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Give Me Your Hand

Yael Messing

A young girl who has to deal with the upcoming loss of her mother, goes through her mother's sinking body. MORE

Celebrate Eileen!

Judith Westermann

Trapped in the wrong body, Eileen wants to finally start living her life as a girl tomorrow. But today her best friend Ella throws a good-bye party for Eileen's old self Leon. The party turns into desaster when no one shows up. The two friends decide to confront the guests who didn't show and dive into an absurd odyssey thru town that changes everything. MORE

The Soil

Thanassis Fouradoulas

A family has left everything to return to the mountains, to find peace. The father explains to his children how their life was. But have they actually lived it? MORE

Kids of Chaos

Gregoris Rentis

Girl athletes from the Down Syndrome Association of Greece, recreate through movement a sort of a Big Bang, dispersing into space they eventually come together to form a planetary system. Their perpetual motion/dance gives birth to IOTAPHI, the band. MORE

The Ticket

Haris Stathopoulos

We follow the course of a ticket for Public Transportation as it passes from hand to hand. Each person that holds the ticket carries his own story and a social problem as well. A social recording of the Greek crisis. MORE

Lessons From a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane

Kim A. Snyder

Following the Sandy Hook Massacre, a priest from Dunblane, Scotland reaches out to Father Bob offering support 16 years after a school shooting in his own town. The men bond over personal trauma and responsibilities … In the aftermath the UK reformed its gun laws; the US responded with inaction. MORE

City of my Heart

Kostas Petsas

A personal glimpse into Madrid, an experimental urban cityscape, an ode to life through a dance. MORE

Death Of Albine

Mike Sharpe

‘Death of Albine’ is a collaborative film project between award-winning film director Mike Sharpe and British Installation Artist Rebecca Louise Law, inspired by elements of the French novel ‘The Sinful Priest’, by Emile Zola. The music and sound design for the film was created by Echoic Audio in Bristol. The music starts slowly with mournful tones and builds into more music realms and finally thrusting into a full orchestral string score. The slow build to this moment was intentional. As the character's central motive is death we wanted to create a sense of transition and also elation at this beautiful moment. MORE

Clayton's Last Breath

Simon Reinhardt

Clayton is keeping himself alive with a machine, so that his baby, can grow up and take care of itself. One day, Clayton is forced to leave his vital machine. MORE


Per Sundström

15 year old William doesn’t feel much support from his friends when he tries to fight against harassments and bullying around him. Like many video bloggers, he suffers from hatred, but he also has the battle against his own demons to deal with. One weekend he gets permission to use the school auditorium alone to record a video but strange events start to occur. Someone is also threatening him… MORE

Level 4

Charles Copsey

Two first-time criminals find themselves out of luck when their getaway vehicle is clamped up in a multi-storey car park. MORE

Shalim Goodbye

Jacopo Manzari

In order not to win it to his son who considers him a solitary scurvy, an old man from the Romagna country assumes a Moroccan Shalim as worker. MORE